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Washing the Clothes....The Cat Dialogue!!!!
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Improbable Mission- Doing the Laundry (The Cat)

Ryan- Got a tape in the mail.
Colin- (sigh) I thought we were out of the spy business!
Ryan- We're never out of the spy business Colin! Not as long as tapes keep coming to the door.
Greg- How would you like to make money in real estate? Good morning gentlemen.
Colin- Good morning. 
Greg- How are you today?
Colin- Fine
Ryan- Not to bad a got a little bit of a….
Greg- How's your cold Ryan?
Ryan- It's alright it's cleared up…
Greg- Alright then.
Colin- Like what am I, nothing?
Greg- I'd love to chat but I'm busy being on (tape fast forwarding) Gentlemen, today's mission is of the greatest importance. The Emir of Groovefunkistan, a small Middle Eastern nation, is coming to visit the president. He'll be arriving in Washington D.C, however his flight is being delayed and his burnoose is dirty. Your job is to go to his hotel, the George C. Clark hotel; you don’t know him never mind. And clean a new burnoose for the Emir of Groovefunkistan.  This tape will self destruct as soon as you through it out the (pause) boom!
Colin- Well we've got a mission, let's get to it.
Ryan- I can't remember where the hotel is, you got your Thomas Guide?
Colin- Yes.
Ryan- E5, it's gonna be tough. Oh my god my car's in the shop!
Colin- Luckily they've marked every street in town with big numbers and letters.
Ryan- Wait a minute we're at E4 already!
Colin- E5!
Ryan- Oh we're here. I didn't realize we lived so close to the hotel!
Colin- Well no kidding! We never look out the window except to through burning tapes.
Ryan- We can't go in the front door they'll spot us.
Colin- Yes, we better climb up to that window up there that seems impossibly high.
Ryan- We've got nothing to get up there with I didn't bring any rope.
Colin- Wait your hair!
Ryan- What?
Colin- Your hair, you know it's one long strand.
Ryan- You said you'd never mention that again!
Colin- Reel us up!
Ryan- By the way, I love you.
Colin- Stop it!
Ryan- Alright we're up. Patio door is locked. There's people inside. We're gonna have to make a diversion somehow so they come out and I can sneak in and get the garment.
Colin- FIRE!
Ryan- That was easy! Now what was it?
Colin- Burnoose.
Ryan- Any idea what it looks like?
Colin- It looks like a… burnoose! There it is!
Ryan- Now we gotta wash it somehow! No we can't go downstairs, the bathtub! We'll fill the bathtub with some water.
Colin- Wait! The faucet's rigged!
Ryan- What?
Colin- The faucet's rigged!
Ryan- In what way? (laughing)
Colin- With an explosive! How long have you been a spy!
Ryan- Oh! I didn't see that! I guess they really don’t want people taking baths in this room! (laughing)
Colin- Why don’t we just take the faucet off and flush it?
Ryan- How's that gonna work? (Boom) Oh stand back! It's filled up the tub!
Colin- Perfect!
Ryan- We're gonna need some sort of detergent!
Colin- Detergent, detergent. The cat! No! That’s no good.
Ryan- Wait a minute, bars of soap! There's nothing but bars of soap! But we have to agitate it in someway.
Colin- Give me the beans.
Ryan- It's working! It's clean!
Colin- It's taking to long! The snakaparferbemar will be here!
Ryan- We, we've got to dry it or do…(laughs)
Colin- The cat!
Ryan- The cat, stop it with the cat! (Laughs)
Colin- It's clean! But we need some fabric softener!
Ryan- Fabric softener?
Colin- Well you can't have static cling the burnoose will stick to his…thing! The cat! Anyone coming?
Ryan- (still laughing) No!
Colin- It's perfect!
Ryan- Good! (still laughing)
Colin- You better model it!
Ryan- Oh it fell in the water again! Wait a minute! The cat!
Colin- The cat's wet now! Wait, give me a match. (falls into the tub)Oh it's okay I have an extra burnoose!
Ryan- Oh! (laughing)

~*~Ryan Lee Stiles~*~